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Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s officially fall! I just love the crisp days, falling leaves, and all the fun activities that fall brings. And it’s also a great time to get your house prepped for the winter. A little bit of fall home maintenance can make your holidays way less stressful. Here’s what I recommend.

1. Check for air leaks before the cold sets in. A really good way to have a sky-high heating bill is to have a leaky home. Check your weatherstripping and the caulk around your windows and doors. Repair any leaks.

2. Wrap your outdoor faucets and any exposed pipes to avoid freezing. A few cheap wraps can save you from an expensive repair in freezing weather.

3. Check the furnace. Before the cold really sets in, make sure your furnace is up to task. Pull out its filter and clean or replace it for maximum efficiency.

4. Get the fireplace ready. There’s nothing better than a cold night spent around the fire, maybe with a hot cider. Check your chimney and sweep out the flue, and stock up on fire wood for the cozy nights ahead.

5. Check your roof. Can it withstand another year of winter rain and snow? If not, get it replaced. Bonus: if you plan to sell in the near future, a new roof is a huge selling point.

6. Clean out your gutters. Avoid a messy surprise and get your gutters clear of any debris before the winter weather hits. I recommend doing this one after the trees drop their leaves.

7. Check your safety equipment. Make sure your fire extinguisher is in working order. Check the batteries in your Co2 and smoke alarms so you’re not rudely awakened on a holiday night.

8. Clean the carpet. The milder, dryer days of autumn make it an optimal time to clean your carpets. Clean in the morning and leave the windows open to dry them fast during the day!

If you complete these tasks over a few weekends, you’ll be able to relax into the upcoming holiday season instead of facing expensive repairs.

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