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How to Sell Your Home… With Pets!

If you have pets, it’s hard to imagine your life without them. But when you’re selling your home, pets can make getting and keeping your home ready for sale a little challenging. When you’re staging your home for listing photos and making sure it looks perfectly buyable during showings, keep these tips in mind.

1. For listing photos, remove all pet evidence. You don’t want to bias people against your property just because you have a dog crate or cat tree hanging out in the living room.

2. Keep your home clean and fresh. Deodorize before every showing or open house and get some good-smelling candles or sprays going to keep pet odors at bay.

3. If you live in a very pet-friendly area with walkable trails or patio restaurants, showing potential buyers that your home works well for a pet could work in your favor. Show off the fact that you have a pet with cute displays rather than trying to hide it.

4. Always take your pets out of the home for showings. It will be much less stressful for your pet. Additionally, it will let buyers get the full feel for your home rather than being distracted by cute pets. And not all buyers are pet people, so taking your pets away makes your home more accessible to more buyers.

Pets can make getting your home sold a little more difficult, but they’re worth it, of course! And with a bit of preparation and planning, you’ll be able to sell your home quickly and easily. Want to get a head start on getting your home on the market this spring? DM, text, or call me anytime!

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