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How to Decide Between an Agent and FSBO?

When you make the decision that it’s time to sell your house, you might think that the biggest decision is over and done with. But the next choice you make has the potential to make a huge difference in the results of selling your home: whether you sell with an agent or sell your home by yourself.

If you want to save time and get your home sold fast, you’ll definitely want an agent on your side. Your agent will take care of almost everything from listing to marketing to analyzing offers to writing up and negotiating contracts. Your agent will even give you recommendations on how to get your house ready for sale so you can spend time on the important fixes that will get your home sold for the best price.

At first brush, selling your home might seem like the best way to save money. Sure it will be a little more work, but you won’t have to pay a seller’s agent commission, right? But it’s actually a little more complicated than that. The stats have shown time and time again that properties sold by real estate agents actually end up selling for more money than those sold by owners. That means that you could make more money off your house when you sell with an agent.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you sell by yourself, you’ll have to analyze and negotiate all offers and contracts. This is an area where most sellers don’t have a lot of experience, and it’s easy to get taken advantage of. Having professional help and experience on your side is critical to make sure you get the best deal possible.

While working with an agent does come with a price, saving time and money while an agent takes care of everything for you is definitely worth it. Want to talk more about whether an agent is right for you or not? Just reply to this email, and we’ll talk more.

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