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Don’t Procrastinate Home Maintenance!

In the dead of winter, home maintenance isn’t really what you want to be thinking about. Much better to be cozied up with a good show and a glass of wine, right?

But home maintenance is also one of those things that you definitely don’t want to procrastinate. It’s so easy to keep saying “I’ll get to it next weekend.” But procrastinating can lead to emergencies, which tend to cost lots of cash to fix.

To avoid those expensive emergencies, make sure you’re doing your home maintenance on a regular basis. Here’s a few things to keep on your list:

-Clean and check the gutters before winter

-Check pipes and walls/ceilings for any leaks semiannually

-Check smoke and carbon monoxide monitors semiannually

-Clean your HVAC system and vents annually

-Clean drying vents annually

-Check electrical annually

-Take care of low hanging branches or suspect trees as soon as you notice them

I recommend creating a schedule for home maintenance and putting it in your calendar or planner. Some people like to spend a day taking care of everything while others want to spread it out so they have to do just one task per week. Either way, keep up on your home maintenance so you can relax and enjoy your home.

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