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Buy A Home You Love. With No Regrets.

When you’re making the biggest purchase of your life, buyer’s remorse is the last thing you want. But it’s something so many home buyers face. Here’s how you can avoid it.

1. Get clear on your non-negotiables. Everyone has those things that they have to have in a house. Maybe for you it’s two bathrooms or a backyard big enough for your dogs. When you’re making your needs vs wants list, really decide what you have to have. What would you be SO disappointed about if you didn’t have it? What would really impact your lifestyle? Write it down and bring it to your agent.

2. Make a list of deal breakers. While we focus a lot on what you want in a house, it’s equally important to understand what you don’t want. Would you hate living next to a busy street or in a house with a traditional layout? Make a list of your deal breakers and watch out for them on your walkthroughs.

3. Understand what you can afford. Some buyers end up loving their home but majorly regretting their giant mortgage. While you may be pre-approved for a certain loan amount, you don’t have to use that as your budget ceiling. Making your budget smaller than the pre-approval amount is totally acceptable.

4. Pay attention to the neighborhood. The area you live in can have such an impact on your life, especially if you end up not loving it. While you’re scouting out properties, talk to the neighbors and get a feel for the vibe of the area.

5. Work with a great real estate agent. Your agent will be able to steer you away from poor investments and will work tirelessly to find you the best property possible. Plus, they’ll have connections to good inspectors who can make sure that you get a good home.

As you can see, the cure to buyer’s remorse starts way before you ever buy the house. With some careful planning and a great agent by your side, you’re sure to make a great decision.

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